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Welcome to the AFMIM (UK) Manchester Glory Zone Tabernacle.

Feel free to browse through our faith inspiring products. We are a  Multi-cultural Community Church whose mission is to preach a holistic gospel that is relevant to all of humanity. We honour our Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church, the authority of Scripture and the working of the Holy Spirit. We give high value to our Pentecostal Heritage which came from Acts 2 and the 20th Century Azusa Revival in 1906 in Los Angeles, United States of America.


Our Sunday services are characterised by dynamic praise and worship, preaching and teaching of the word, celebration of the eucharist i.e. Holy Communion, powerful testimonies, Children's Ministry sessions and praying for people with challenges in life. We are a church where everyone is welcome and everyone is valued. After the service we interact in warm fellowship over a cup of tea, coffee or drink as we make new friends and interact with old ones. During the week we hold cell fellowships which are scattered around Greater Manchester thus bring the church to your door-step. Men's Fellowship, Ladies' Fellowship, Couples' Fellowship and Young People's Fellowship occasionally run their special events on week-ends.


Each year we run with an annual theme as the Lord inspires us. 2010 was The year of prophetic declaration. 2011 was the year of Supernatural Transformation. 2012 was The year of Supernatural Acceleration. 2013 was The year of Supernatural Completion: Connecting with destiny by faith. What the Lord begun in us he will bring it to completion to the glory of God. 2014 was a year of supenatural elevation. Moving into the rise rise season. (Isaiah 60: 1-6, Isaiah 40:31). 2015 was  The Year of THE BIG MOVE, In search of the prophetic double. (Isaiah 8:18   2 Kings 2:9) Guess what!!!

2016 was The year of supernatural BRANDING!!!  BUDDING, BLOOMING & BOOMING (Gal. 6:17, Numbers 17:1-8)

2017 Is The Year of Prophetic Fulfilment...moving from shame to double honour

2018 The Year of Supernatural REFRESHMENT...Moving from full flow to Overflow!!


Manchester Glory Zone Tabernacle is not only a place to visit but a place to belong. You will never regret that you came. God is gonna surprise you and bless you big time.


See you there one of these days.

"2019 THEME"